Braille Sign Supplies releases Braille and tactile emergency and exit signs

Braille Sign Supplies is a specialist company in Australia manufacturing high grade Braille and tactile signage. Braille Sign Supplies has recently joined the Accessible Exit Sign Project and are the first company in the world to release a complete range of new generation emergency and exit signs that consider the needs of all occupants. These signs can be used to identify the locations of all components of an accessible means of egress, including exit doors, exit routes, refuge areas, assisted rescue areas, evacuation chairs, and evacuation elevators. The new signs adopt universal design principals and the provision of Braille and tactile characters, as well as the consistent use of the Accessible Means of Egress Icon pictogram provides a clear indication of where accessible exits or parts of the accessible means of egress are located.

The signs form part of the Accessible Exit Sign Project which is an international awareness campaign that promotes the need for an accessible means of egress. The Project has already started some important discussions between industry stakeholders, disability groups, legislators, developers, and insurers who are looking at better building design solutions that provide safer buildings, reduce risk and meet the needs of all occupants. Appropriate exit signage used to identify accessible egress features in a building is a critical part of providing evacuation wayfinding information for all occupants. For more information on this concept or to download the White Paper please visit

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