Universal Design Meets the Exit Sign with Accessible Means of Egress Icon green exit sign showing person running followed by a person using a wheelchair, moving in the same style as the running person, they are moving the left through a doorway, which is iinstalled over an open doorway

Comparison to Applicable Technical Standards

The use of the ‘Accessible Means of Egress Icon’ is an inclusive exit sign design, but as it is a new concept it is not adopted or referenced within any current International or National Standard.

The ‘Accessible Means of Egress Icon’ design is nevertheless consistent with the graphical symbols and methodology outlined within International (or ISO) Standards:

  • ISO 7001:2007 Graphical symbols – Public information symbols.
  • ISO 7010:2011 Graphical symbols – Safety colours and safety signs — Registered safety signs, which includes the use of the ‘Running Man’ exit sign design.
  • ISO International Language of Graphical Symbols Booklet, which also includes the ‘Running Man’ exit sign design, Accessible Lift pictogram and Evacuation Assembly Point.[1] It also includes the layout of safety signage, including those identifying evacuation routes, emergency equipment and assembly points using a green safety sign with white symbol.[2]
  • ISO 21542:2011 Building construction – Accessibility and usability of the built environment, which includes the ‘Running Man’ in conjunction with the International Symbol of Access.
  • The design is also consistent with the ‘Running Man’ design currently referenced within many countries technical standards (such as the Australia Standard AS 2293).[3]

[1] The international language of ISO graphical symbols, http://www.iso.org/iso/graphical-symbols_booklet.pdf, pp.5,18-19, viewed 25 August 2015

[2] The international language of ISO graphical symbols, http://www.iso.org/iso/graphical-symbols_booklet.pdf, p.31, viewed 25 August 2015

[3] Standards, Australia, AS 2293.3—2005, Emergency escape lighting and exit signs for buildings Part 3: Emergency escape luminaires and exit signs, Clause

Buildings need exit and emergency signs to identify parts of the accessible means of egress. An Accessible Exit Sign Project Initiative.

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