A Means of Egress

A means of egress for all building occupants is defined in Section 1002.1 of the IBC as a “continuous and unobstructed path of vertical and horizontal egress travel from any occupied portion of a building or structure to a public way.”[1]

Lady in office, using a laptop, whilst using a wheelchairAs defined in Section 1002.1, a means of egress consists of three separate and distinct components:

These requirements are essentially the same as those prescriptive ‘Deemed-to-Satisfy’ requirements of the BCA and other prescriptive building codes from around the world.

[1] International Code Council, International Building Code, Section 1002.1, http://publicecodes.cyberregs.com/icod/ibc/2012/icod_ibc_2012_2_sec002.htm, viewed 23 August 2015

Buildings need exit and emergency signs to identify parts of the accessible means of egress. An Accessible Exit Sign Project Initiative.

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