The Royal Arcade in Melbourne, built in 1869. Photo is of the Gog and Magog statues at Gaunt’s clock which are modeled on those at Guildhall, London and based on the British myths of the conflict between the ancient Britons and Trojans.

Definition of Fire Safety Engineering

Fire safety engineering has been defined as:

The application of engineering principles, rules and expert judgement based on a scientific appreciation of the fire phenomena, of the effects of fire, and the reaction and behaviour of people, in order to:

  • save life, protect property and preserve the environment and heritage;
  • quantify the hazards and risk of fire and its effects;
  • evaluate analytically the optimum protective and preventative measures necessary to limit, within prescribed levels, the consequences of fire.”[1]

[1] International Fire Engineering Guidelines, p.0.3-7

Buildings need exit and emergency signs to identify parts of the accessible means of egress. An Accessible Exit Sign Project Initiative.

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